High Temperature Precast Refractory Breast Blocks, Tap Holes, and Sleeves

Breast Blocks, Tap Holes and Sleeves

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Breast Blocks, Tap Holes and Sleeves

Few areas in steel-making are as demanding and critical as those inside the electric furnace. The environment of extreme heat, aggressive chemistry and mechanical turbulence place a great deal of strain on Breast Block and Tap Hole Shapes.  High-quality materials and design are critical to the success of these pieces and those have been the hallmark of REFSOURCE Breast Block and Tap Hole Shapes.

With over 100 combined years of precast refractory experience, we are able to recommend an optimum solution for your Breast Blocks, Tap Holes and Sleeves.  When your application demands the right materials and design, REFSOURCE is there to  meet and exceed your expectations.  Our precast refractory products offer maximum value by extending service life in a cost-effective manner.

To learn more about the REFSOURCE difference on refractory products, or any of our other capabilities, contact one of our sales reps. 

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