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Maftec Hybrid Modules

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Maftec Hybrid Modules

REFSOURCE' new Hybrid MAFTEC®/HTZ Module is a product combining Maftec 3000 Blanket on the hot face with the less expensive 2600 HTZ Blanket on the cold face side of the module. This yield's a module where the money is spent on protecting the hot face of the module with a 100% Maftec product capable of withstanding high temperatures above 2500º F up to 3000ºF.  The 2600 HTZ ceramic fiber shrinks and starts to melt away above 2500ºF. The Hybrid Maftec/HTZ Module is a terrific solutions with a density of approximately 9-10 pounds per cubic foot due to the combinatuion of 6 pcf Maftec and 8 pcf HTZ Blanket. It is also a cost effective solution for any high temperature application.


• Steel reheat furnaces
• Iron Blast furnace trough covers
• Tundish and ladle preheaters
• Reheat and preheater burner flues and exhausts
• Forge furnaces
• Galvanizing furnace linings
• Aluminum furnaces
• High Fired Ceramic and Glass Kilns

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