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REFSOURCE offers a range of vermiculite based, high-temperature, energy-saving and cost-effective insulating slabs designed for a maximum service temperature of 1100°C (2012°F) and 1150°C (2102°F). They combine good strength with low-thermal conductivity and are highly resistant to thermal shock. The slabs are clean to handle and easy to install.

 The V-1100 Vermiculite Slabs cover several grades in various combinations of bulk density, insulation properties and compressive strength.

Standard grades include:

  • V-1100 (375)
  • V-1100 (475)
  • V-1100 (600)

V-1100 satisfies the criteria of IMO Resolution A.472 (XII) for classification as non-combustible and does not emit smoke.

VIP-12 is a high-density slab characterized by good insulation value and very high mechanical strength.

To learn more about the REFSOURCE difference on board and block insulation products or any of our other capabilities, contact one of our sales reps.

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